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The Ultimate Review Sheet

Add content as you are studying! This will help others study and learn. The ultimate goal is for this page to serve as an authority on board relevant studying

Why this and not just wikipedia.com? - Wikipedia is great, but is not focused enough for board studying. We want to lay out the facts needed to do well on the boards, not a lot of basic science mumbojumbo
How do I know the information is correct? - There is probably a gunner out there who will put up all kinds of wrong info, but just like wikipedia, we have to be a community and get the facts right. Plus we'll probably do a better job than First Aid which is republished every year with new errors!
How else can this help me? - not only are you helped by reading and posting new content, there is a discussion page linked to each page. Don't understand something about gout? Just post on the discussion board and someone will hopefully clarify!
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